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Sweden Fuels Its City With Trash

 Sweden is setting an example to the world with the way they manage their waste by boiling it in more than 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit to help fuel more than 30 power plants instead of burning coal or gas, as four tons of garbage contain the equivalent energy to one ton of oil or 1.6 tons of coal. However, building a system like this in a city takes its time and planning. For example, the Swedish system was built decades ago first starting at the end of the 1950’s.

The Scandinavian country has also dramatical decreased the amount of trash sent to its landfills, with less than 1% of household waste ending up there, while the 49% goes to recycling centers and the other 50% being incinerated in power plants to turn it into steam that spins turbines to generate electricity. Energy from garbage is used to supply much of the heat during cold months for around 1.25 million apartments around the country and also electricity for 680,000 homes.

Using trash as an energy supply also helps reduce having to extract fossil fuels from the earth and having to ship it around the world only to burn it. This means a reduction of 467,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year by using a more efficient way to dispose of our everyday waste. Countries around the world should stop and look at what countries like Sweden are doing to help reduce greenhouse emissions.

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