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Around the world, cities are preparing for a smarter, healthier and more efficient transportation system than traveling by car. It reduces your carbon print and is also a way to stay active and healthy! Here are some of the cities that encourage this green mode of transportation:

  • Copenhagen: In Copenhagen, more than 62% of its citizens cycle to work in one of the most biking-friendly cities in the world. The city has more than 242 miles of designated bike lanes and even features a “cycle super highway’ which connects to the town of Albertslund.
  • Amsterdam: The Netherlands capital has over 800,000 bicycles and its flat streets make it easier to use them to go to work, for grocery shopping or for exercise. Tourists are also encouraged to ride a bike, with several bike rentals available throughout the city.

  • Portland: The Portland Bureau of Transportation is trying its best to match the bicycle culture of European cities, and it has made a fantastic job so far. There are free printed city and neighborhood maps for cyclists and the public bike rental system is one of the greenest in the world.

  • Montreal: The Canadian city has over 373 miles of bike paths featuring food and drink stands along the cycling paths. The city also hosts a bike festival that welcomes bikers of all ages to take a tour around town.

  • Tokyo: Given how Tokyo’s population is, imagine if we told you that 14% of all its commuters are bikers. That means almost 2 million people going to work by bicycle every day! The city also has ample bicycle parking and amazing bike paths around the city.

What could you do to help make your city go bike green?

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