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Solar Canal

With groundwater supplies being over pumped in many places in the US, along with seasonal dryness, wildfires and shrinking water supplies, millions of people are experiencing the impact of climate change themselves. As a result, engineers have found a solution to both protect water supplies and boost renewable energy to protect the climate: the solar-canal solution.

By covering the more than 4,000 miles of canals in California with solar panels, evaporation of water is prevented while also meeting the state's renewable energy goals and saving funds. Because of California’s prone to drought and with climate change bringing hotter, drier weather, these canals are an efficient way to save more than 65 billion gallons of water annually.

Additionally, by covering California's canals with solar panels, the state would also generate around 13 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity - a number that works in favor of its clean energy goals of 60% from carbon-free sources by 2030 and 100% renewable by 2045.

Furthermore, by building these long, thin solar arrays, more than 80,000 acres of farmland or natural habitat can be saved from being used just for solar farms. As solar canals generate clean energy, the levels of air quality will also be improved around the fabulous Golden State.

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