Sloto's summer is packed with vacation opportunities, festivals, picnics and tons of winning chances when you deposit as little as $25 and play the popular game of Keno from your preferred mobile device! Add a 100% Daily Keno Bonus to your August days to collect up to $500 Extra!

If you're after an easy and fun game, Keno is the perfect choice! Select anywhere from 1 to 10 numbers from your virtual card numbered 1 to 80.

Successfully predict which of these numbers will be drawn, and you'll become the next Keno master! It's just that simple!

Spend your hot August days choosing your favorite lucky Keno numbers from your computer or mobile device while adding an extra $500 to your action! In addition, keep in mind that Keno bets will earn you TRIPLE COMPS until September 30th.

Redeem Code: SLOTOKENO


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